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Welcome! is an online community focused on sharing and reminiscing about pop-culture video, audio, and images that stir our memories of the past - old television, theme songs, commercials, print advertisements, and more. We've got the sights and sounds you remember from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond... Come join our friendly community and start sharing your memories! If you are a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, you will find this to be the site for memories! This site is rated G (maybe PG on some posts) you can always feel comfortable sharing this site to your mother, kids or grandkids!



  • 01:08 Popular Nyquil  for the Guy Downstairs

    Nyquil for the Guy Downstairs

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    Those admen come up with some gems..

  • Popular Luke and Laura's Wedding - General Hospital

    Luke and Laura's Wedding - General Hospital

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    In 1978 General Hospital was close to cancellation ABC hired Gloria Monty as the new executive producer a to attract a younger audience. A drunken Luke Spencer raped Laura Spencer who then falls in love with him. Critics complained of the forced seductio

  • Popular Unchained Melody

    Unchained Melody

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    Unchained Melody was a song written by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret. In 1955 three versions of the songs were recorded that year by Les Baxter, Al Hibbler and Roy Hamilton. The 1965 version by the Righteous Brothers was the most popular version espec

  • Popular The Driving Instructor

    The Driving Instructor

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  • Popular Ajax White Knight

    Ajax White Knight

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    Ajax was introduced in the early 60's as part of theColgate-Palmolive cleaning soap line. The White Knight was to compete with Procter and Gamble's Mr. Clean.

  • Popular Froot Loops Bird Bot Commercial

    Froot Loops Bird Bot Commercial

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    Fruit Loops were introduced in 1962 and originally there werethere werered,orange, andyellowloops, the color of Toucan Sam's nose. There is no fruit in Froot Loops and the cereal is just one flavor, not a combination of the individual fruit flavors as man

  • Popular Jonathan Winters for Hefty Trash Bags

    Jonathan Winters for Hefty Trash Bags

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    Jonathan Winters became the spokesman for Mobil using his role as Maude Frickert, and elderly woman. He also was an upscale garbage man know for collecting "gahr-bahj" instead of garbage.

  • Popular Old Spice Sailor Commercial

    Old Spice Sailor Commercial

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  • Popular Jack Wood- Born To Wander

    Jack Wood- Born To Wander

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    In the spring of 1966 an unknown singer Jack Wood recorded two songs at Great Lakes Studio in Sparta, Michigan. It was a a self released and it took ten years for Jack to pay back the $250 (that's over $1,800 in today's dollars) he borrowed for the two so

  • Popular Listerine- Matchmaker

    Listerine- Matchmaker

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    Listerine helps kill bad breath so you can find a husband!

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