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Welcome! is an online community focused on sharing and reminiscing about pop-culture video, audio, and images that stir our memories of the past - old television, theme songs, commercials, print advertisements, and more. We've got the sights and sounds you remember from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond... Come join our friendly community and start sharing your memories! If you are a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, you will find this to be the site for memories! This site is rated G (maybe PG on some posts) you can always feel comfortable sharing this site to your mother, kids or grandkids!


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  • New Popular Kennedy Podium Fire

    Kennedy Podium Fire

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    Eight inches of snow had fallen the morning of President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural in 1961. By inauguration time the skies had cleared but the temperatures were only in the twenties (Fahrenheit). The first speaker was Cardinal Richard Cushing of Boston.

  • New Mott's Clamato

    Mott's Clamato

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    Introduced as a drink in 1966 by Mott's or Lord Mott's Canning as known then. It was a combination of clam broth and tomatoes. They even secured a trademark for the Clamato brand.Today the drink is used as a mix for alcoholic drinks or cocktails mainly in

  • New Meco-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

    Meco-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

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    Meco's theme from Close Encounters was track 5 of side two of the album Close Encounters Of Every Kind in 1978. Meco's real name is Domenico Monardo. He became famous for disco-izing movie soundtracks starting with Star Wars in 1977.

  • New Jackie Gleason As Joe The Bartender

    Jackie Gleason As Joe The Bartender

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    Joe The Bartender was one of many characters by Jackie Gleason. He used it to real life friends from Brooklyn. The skits usually opened with Joe The Bartender talking to his unseen customer Mr. Dennehy. This video has a visit from Crazy Guggenheim played

  • New Hee Haw--Hey Grandpa What's For Supper?

    Hee Haw--Hey Grandpa What's For Supper?

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    Hee Haw was introduced in 1969 and ran until the late 1980's. Grandpa Jones was Louis Marshall Jones who was an old time country and gospel singer as well as a banjo player. Grandpa Jones was inducted into the County Music Hall Of Fame in 1978. He passed

  • The Super Bowl Shuffle

    The Super Bowl Shuffle

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    The Super Bowl Shuffle is a rap song performed by the Chicago Bears. The song was released a month before Super Bowl XX and actually made it as high as #41 on the Billboard hot 100 and sold over a half a million copies. This made the Chicago Bears is the

  • Suzy Homemaker Sweet Shop

    Suzy Homemaker Sweet Shop

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    Suzy Homemaker toys were introduced in 1966 by Topper Toys. The name quickly became common phrase in America and is still used today. The Suzy Homemaker doll became the second most popular doll sold in the United States behind the Barbie Doll. The Easy Ba

  • Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward

    Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward

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    Many remember this song from the musical War Of The Worlds written by Jeff Wayne. The original melody was actually written for the Lego company in 1969. Justin Hayward was selected because Jeff Wayne wanted the voice that sang Knights In White Satin.

  • 1969 Lincoln Mercury Cougar

    1969 Lincoln Mercury Cougar

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    The Mercury Cougar introduced in 1967 was Mercury's pony or muscle car built off the Ford Mustang. For many years Mercury was identified as "at the sign of the cat" as seen in this commercial.

  • 01:08 Popular Nyquil  for the Guy Downstairs

    Nyquil for the Guy Downstairs

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    Those admen come up with some gems..

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